Random Acts of Kombucha

Love our booch? We love you!


We want to take the month of February to thank each and every one of you who has supported our business in the past year. We have seen nothing but love from this community and could not be more thankful. Now we want to spread the love all over Wilmington with our month long event called Random Acts of Kombucha. 

It is important to participate in acts of kindness and love throughout the entire year, but especially near Valentine's Day because everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated. 

Here's how we'll do it.

We will be hiding empty growlers and our special giveaway cards all over the county. You might find a bottle sitting on a park bench, or maybe a card tucked into your window in the parking deck...who knows where they'll turn up... they could be ANYWHERE. When you find a bottle or card, post a photo and tag us @panaceabrewingcompany on Instagram with the hashtag



The card will be marked for either a pint, liter, or 64 oz growler, and you can redeem your card anytime at our tap room. Come enjoy some booch on us! (Alcohol not included in this promotion.)

But the love doesn't stop there.

Of course, we've got to show our regulars how much we love them, too. We'll be having weekly Random Acts of Kombucha specials every Wednesday in our taproom. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss the announcements.

Will you help us spread the warm fuzzies? 

#randomactsofkombucha cards will also be available for sale in our taproom, so you can help us spread the love to every corner of the county and beyond. Toss one on your secret crush's desk at work, hand them out to your friends after yoga class, or give them as platonic Valentine's Day gifts. Heck, get creative and make it a game. Hide them and post GPS coordinates to social media, make up riddles, post vague location photos or other fun clues.  Or maybe just buy one and leave it for the bartender to give to the next person who walks in.

Let's do this!

Spreading peace, love and kombucha,

Artie and Robin