2019 Price Increase

Price Increase.jpg

We’ve been working diligently to review our costs and increase our productivity to avoid pricing changes for the last two years, but the truth is we should have raised prices a long time ago. We’ve found that selling more kombucha at the same price just isn’t enough to cover inflation and the increased overhead we’ve incurred with our growth. We can no longer continue to organically grow our business just by working harder.

Rent, insurance, payroll, utilities, raw materials, equipment…every cost associated with running our business has skyrocketed as we’ve grown, and the increase goes beyond what we can absorb.

We won’t compromise quality or community.

Sure, there are ways to cut costs. Buy tea that’s not organic. Pay your employees less. Stop supporting local farmers by purchasing their produce for flavoring. Streamline our offerings to just a few flavors. Limit hours of operation. Augment the brewing process to speed it up. But that’s not how we do things.

Beginning January 1st, 2019, prices will increase on the majority of our products because it is important to us to be able to continue to offer the quality, availability, and service our customers deserve. While price increases are rarely welcomed by the producer or the consumer, we are thankful to still be able to offer our craft kombucha at a price below both the national and state average even with the increase. We’re thankful for your continued patronage and appreciate your loyal support as we keep working hard to expand our grassroots family business.

2019 Pricing

New Pint fill plus mini growler $7, Refill Pint $4

New Liter fill plus liter growler $11.50, Refill Liter $7.50

New Growler fill plus 64 oz growler $19, Refill Growler $14

Retro Wednesdays Special Every Week in 2019 $16 New 64oz Growlers, $11 for 64 oz Growler Refill


 With your support, our business will continue to grow in 2019. Thank you!